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nanoMAG LLC Signs License Agreement with OEM

nanoMAG LLC Signs Initial License Agreement for Development of Bioabsorbable Implants Made of High‑Strength Magnesium Alloys

LIVONIA, Mich., October 10, 2014 – nanoMAG LLC, a Michigan-based start-up and the developer of a novel lightweight, high-strength magnesium alloy technology, has executed a license agreement with a strategic partner for the commercial development of its BioMg® bioabsorbable magnesium alloy. The collaboration with the strategic partner is focused on achieving certain milestones, including regulatory approval for this new class of materials for use in orthopaedic applications. nanoMAG LLC, a subsidiary of Thixomat Technologies LLC, made the announcement from their new manufacturing facility in Livonia, Mich.

“We’re excited about the collaboration and support of a strategic partner with the requisite experience in regulatory requirements as we take the next major step toward commercialization of our new nanoMAG™ technology in biomedical fields,” said Stephen LeBeau, president of nanoMAG. “We are thrilled to continue working closely with a major orthopaedic company in developing nanostructured magnesium alloys of exceptional strength/density and specialty chemical compositions for tailoring to optimum biodegradation rates, while maintaining biocompatibility.”

LeBeau added, “The results of a recently completed small animal study including micro CT and histology of femoral implants out to 52 weeks post surgery are really exciting. Magnesium is not only biocompatible but in fact recent studies published by our colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine demonstrate that magnesium ions can act as a catalyst to promote the formation of new bone growth in orthopaedic fracture repairs.”

The nanoMAG strategy is to partner with industry leading biomedical implant makers to design and develop metallic implants to be bioabsorbable, according to LeBeau. These implants are developed using proprietary alloys of magnesium and other compatible elements which provide the appropriate strength and bone support while healing occurs, after which the implant dissolves and is absorbed by the body. The manufacturing process is a miniature version of the larger industrial molding machines that over 50 Thixomat licensees use today to produce millions of consumer parts per year.

According to nanoMAG, magnesium alloy implants are designed to be strong and dissolve over months as the bone recovers its original strength. The density and strength of the nanoMAG magnesium material resembles human bone more than other currently popular implant materials such as plastics or competitive metals. nanoMAG partners have suggested applications such as screws, staples, tacks, wire, rods, plates, and 3D shapes for ligament fixations, craniomaxillofacial implants, and small bone implants. “These new magnesium parts could radically change how orthopaedic implants are made and used,” said LeBeau.

About nanoMAG LLC

nanoMAG LLC, based in Livonia, Mich., is a subsidiary of Thixomat Technologies LLC, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the research, development, and marketing of technologies for the production of products utilizing magnesium alloys. nanoMAG supplies precision magnesium sheet and short-run specialty alloys to diverse industries including automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and military. nanoMAG magnesium sheet provides 100% higher strength and improved toughness over conventional magnesium, while also providing the strength of carbon steel sheet at one-fourth the weight. For more information, visit

About Thixomat Inc.

Thixomat Inc., based in Livonia, Mich., is the developer of the Thixomolding®process which produces injection molded products from magnesium stock. The process permits the manufacture of net or near-net shape parts requiring little finishing. There are more than 50 Thixomat licensees and more than 465 Thixomolding® machines have been sold worldwide.

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